Americans Restoring Representation and 8 from 1

Americans Restoring Representation

The United States Republic has been turned into a Democracy without the LOCAL REPRESENTATION the founders created for the People so they could hold their representatives of government Accountable and they would be Accessible.  Americans Restoring Representation is formed to educate the People as to their Constitutional right to be locally heard in the House of Representatives and state legislatures.

8 from 1

One Constitutional way to restore representation is to make new states.  California has not met its own constitutional requirement for representation since 1854 when the population exceeded 100,000.  California is too large in area, in population, and in geographical diversity to be able to give its People good government and therefore needs to be separated.  The geography, population, and synergy of the localized populations, call for it to be separated into 8 new states.  This will increase the People’s representation in the Federal Government and in their local Accessible and Accountable geographical areas.

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You have the power but it has been greatly diluted.